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“Supporting families with Neuroblastoma”

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“The Amelia-Mae Foundation’s mission is to support families affected by Neuroblastoma, whilst publically raising awareness of the condition”

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Kevin’s natural talent for painting and drawing was apparent from a very young age. During his childhood this talent was nurtured and encouraged by his mother and grandfather who were also talented artists but never pursued it as a career.

After gaining a diploma and four years of studying design and illustration Kevin struggled to find his true direction in art and instead started a career as a professional musician playing guitar in a band.
He then left his music career and resorted to getting a steady job where he ended up working as a delivery driver for a number of years to pay the bills.

During this time Kevin continued to paint as a hobby but in 2004 he made the decision to leave his job and concentrate more seriously on painting.
His previous work mostly involved paintings of landscapes particularly Northumberland and Cumbria. However, his work has naturally progressed from studying landscapes and moved into figurative paintings. In particular focusing on the combination of people in varying scenes and considering the relationship between the two. 

Kevin’s work takes influence from many areas, along with the traditional inspiration’s such as Sargent, Rembrant, Vermeer and Hopper he also takes much influence from music and film. 
His career took and upward turn when he won two awards over 2007/2008, one of which featured on The BBC’s Look North and lead to an offer of a publishing contract from one of the countries largest fine art publishers. After much consideration he declined the offer, preferring to have freedom and independence allowing his work to develop naturally. 

Since then Kevin has enjoyed success with several solo and group exhibitions in the UK as well as further a field. In particular Italy where his work has been well received gaining a wider audience and shown alongside his much admired contemporise. This in turn has created a growing demand from collectors nationally and internationally and during this time a number of works have also been published world wide .
His work can best be described as figurative narrative, capturing a moment in time and transforming it into an all embracing statement.